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Type: Patent
Title: Antibodies to insulin-like growth factor I receptor
Author: Keyhanfar, M.
Wallace, J.
Booker, G.
Forbes, B.
Issue Date: 2007
Assignee: Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd
Organisation: Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd
Abstract: The present invention relates to an antibody to insulin-like growth factor I receptor, or an antigen-binding portion of the antibody. The antibody, or the antigen-binding portion, bind to an epitope located in the cysteine-rich domain of the alpha-subunit of the insulin-like growth factor I receptor, and the antibody or the antigen-binding portion modulates IGF-I mediated proliferation of an IGF-I dependent cell.
Description: International Application No.: PCT/AU2007/000168
Patent #: Int App No: PCT/AU2007/000168
RMID: 0020074638
Description (link):,B-ENG,DP,MC,PA,ABSUM-ENG,SCORE&SEARCH_IA=AU2007000168&QUERY=%22booker%2c+grant%22
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