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Type: Conference paper
Title: Towards a unified framework for composing E-/M-services
Author: Maamar, Z.
Benatallah, B.
Sheng, Q.
Citation: The First International Workshop on M-services: Concepts, Approaches, Tools, 26 June, Lyon France, 2002.
Issue Date: 2002
Conference Name: International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems (13th : 2002 : Lyon, France)
Abstract: This paper discusses an approach to design a framework that enables the composition of services for the benefit of users. Services are decomposed into two types: e-services and m-services. Similar to services, users are decomposed into two types: static and mobile. To set up the composition framework, the approach consists of the following steps: understand the features of wireless devices in term of computing, storage, and display capabilities; define the characteristics of e-services vs. m-services; define the principles of the framework that composes e-services and m-services; suggest selection criteria between an e-service and m-service; and finally implement the framework using a running example, e.g.~travel planning.
RMID: 0020073381
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