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Type: Patent
Title: Atrsp gene promoters
Author: Barta, A.
Kalyna, M.
Lopato, S.
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: Abstract of CA2402857 This invention describes novel DNA sequences that function as promoters of transcription of associated nucleotide sequences. More specifically, this invention describes DNA sequences conferring constitutive expression to an associated nucleotide sequence. The invention also describes recombinant sequences containing such promoter sequences. The said recombinant DNA sequences may be used to create transgenic plants, but especially transgenic plants expressing a nucleotide sequence of interest at all times and in most tissues and organs.
Description: Application number: US20020240496 20021002 Priority number(s): WO2001EP03735 20010402; GB20000008120 20000403
Patent #: App No: US20020240496
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