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Type: Book chapter
Title: Oxford Companion to Australian gardens [contributions : entries R - S]
Author: Jones, David Sydney
Citation: The Oxford companion to Australian gardens / Richard Aitken & Michael Looker (eds.), various pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Issue Date: 2002
ISBN: 0195536444
School/Discipline: School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Contents: Reynell, John; pp. 506-507
Riverland; p. 509
River Torrens Linear Park; p. 509
Robinette, Charles; p. 510
Robinson, William Denham; p. 511
Roseworthy Agricultural College; p. 518
St Vigeans; p. 534 [with Trevor Nottle]
Seppelt, Joseph Ernst (inc. (Oscar) Benno Pedro Seppelt); p. 546
Sewell, Henry; p. 546
Sinatra, James Benedict; p. 552
Smith, Samuel (inc. Fred Caley Smith, (Myra) Coralie Smith); p. 556
South Australia; pp. 560-562
South Australian Chronicle; p. 562;
South Australian Homes and Gardens; p. 562
South Australian Horticulturist (inc. John Frederick Francis Wood); p. 562
Sparrow, George; p. 564
Stevenson, George; pp. 569-570
Stirling, Edward Charles; p. 570
Strathalbyn Soldiers’ Memorial Garden; p. 573
Stuckey, Kenneth John; p. 575 [with John Walter]
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