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Type: Journal article
Title: Ploughing Flows
Author: Tuck, E. O.
Vanden-Broeck, Jean-Marc
Citation: European Journal of Applied Mathematics, 1998; 9(5):463-483
Issue Date: 1998
ISSN: 0956-7925
Statement of
Tuck, E. O.; Vanden-broeck, J.-m.
Abstract: A semi-infinite body, modelling the leading edge of a cutting tool or submerged hydrofoil, lies beneath a free surface in a uniform stream of infinitely-deep inviscid incompressible fluid flowing steadily under gravity. The body has horizontal upper and lower surfaces. The oncoming flow is partly diverted over, and partly under the body. The flow in that portion that travels over the body can be supercritical or subcritical. When it is supercritical it approaches a stream of some (to be determined) speed in a channel of some (to be determined) depth. When it is subcritical, there is also a train of waves on that stream, whose amplitude is also to be determined. Semi-analytic high-speed and low-speed solutions are obtained, and a numerical solution for finite speeds. There is a forbidden intermediate speed range, within which steady flow may not be possible.
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