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Type: Conference paper
Title: Characteristics Affecting Consumers’ Perceptions and Preferences for U.S. versus Imported Beef Products
Author: Umberger, W.
Feuz, D.
Calkins, C.
Sitz, B.
Citation: 2003 WCC-72 Meetings in Las Vegas; Paper Presented at 2003 WCC-72 Meeting [electronic resourece]: 29p.
Issue Date: 2003
Conference Name: WCC-72 Western Coordinating Committee on Agribusiness. Meeting (2003 : Las Vegas, Nevada)
Abstract: In 2002, consumers from Chicago and Denver participated in an experimental auction and taste panel to elicit willingness to pay for beef originating from the United States, Australia and Canada. Approximately 69% of the consumers were willing to pay a premium of 19% more for a 'Guaranteed U.S.' steak than for an unlabeled steak. When comparing consumers' taste preferences for beef originating from various countries of origin, it appears that a segment of the population prefers the taste and is willing to pay a premium for beef originating from Australia. A larger segment of the experimental population, 34% of the consumers, preferred the taste and was willing to pay a premium for the Canadian steak. However, on average, consumers were willing to pay premiums of approximately 31% and 10% more for the U.S. steak than for the Australian and Canadian steaks, respectively.
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