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Type: Other
Title: Dogg's Hamlet / Cahoot's Macbeth
Issue Date: Jun-1988
Abstract: Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth are two works. In Dogg's Hamlet the actors speak a language called "Dogg", which consists of ordinary English words but with meanings completely different from the ones normally assign them. Three schoolchildren are rehearsing a performance of Hamlet in English, which is to them a foreign language. Cahoot's Macbeth is usually performed with Dogg's Hamlet, and shows a shortened performance of Macbeth carried out under the eyes of a secret policeman who suspects the actors of subversion against the state.
Keywords: Drama
Spoken word
Description: Scanned from the original held Special Collections, Barr Smith Library
Call number: 792 T3743 TSA/ UaCp 1988.3
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