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Type: Journal article
Title: Crystal and molecular structures of M₃(μ₃-η²-PhC₂C≡CPh)(μ-CO)(CO)₉ (M = Ru and Os)
Other Titles: Crystal and molecular structures of M(3)(mu(3)-eta(2)-PhC(2)C triple bar CPh)(mu-CO)(CO)(9) (M = Ru and Os)
Author: Bruce, M.
Skelton, B.
White, A.
Zaitseva, N.
Citation: Australian Journal of Chemistry: an international journal for chemical science, 1996; 1996: 49(1):155-158
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Issue Date: 1996
ISSN: 0004-9425
Statement of
MI Bruce, BW Skelton, AH White and NN Zaitseva
Abstract: The molecular structures M3(μ3-η2-PhC2C≡CPh)(μ-CO)(CO)9 (M = Ru and Os) are described: these complexes are similar to several mono-alkyne derivatives, with one C≡C triple bond of the diyne ligand attached in the 2η1,η2-(||) mode to the closed triangular M3 core. The M-M edge parallel to the complexed C≡C triple bond is asymmetrically bridged by a CO ligand; the coordination about each M atom is completed by three terminal CO ligands. Crystals of the isomorphous Os [ Ru ] complexes were triclinic, space group Pī (Ci1, No. 2), a 18.869(9) [18.881(5)], b 9.164(3) [9.188(3)], c 8.548(2) [8.595(6)] Ǻ, α 65.73(2) [66.00(3)], β 78.53(3) [78.43(4)], γ 87.25(3) [87.58(2)]°, Z 2. 7323 [3638] observed data [I > 3σ(I)] were refined to R 0.031 [0.030] and Rw 0.036 [0.032].
Rights: © CSIRO 1996
DOI: 10.1071/CH9960155
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