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Type: Journal article
Title: High outcrossing and random pollen dispersal in a planted stand of Acacia saligna subsp saligna revealed by paternity analysis using microsatellites
Author: Millar, M.
Byrne, M.
Nuberg, I.
Sedgley, M.
Citation: Tree Genetics & Genomes, 2008; 4(3):367-377
Publisher: Springer Heideleberg
Issue Date: 2008
ISSN: 1614-2942
Statement of
M. A. Millar, M. Byrne, I. Nuberg and M. Sedgley
Abstract: The mating system, patterns of pollen mediated gene flow and levels of genetic contamination were investigated in a planted stand of Acacia saligna subsp. saligna via paternity analysis using microsatellite markers. High levels of outcrossing were detected within the stand (t m = 0.98), and the average pollen dispersal distance was 37 m with the majority of progeny sired by paternal trees within a 50-m neighbourhood of the maternal tree. Genetic contamination from the natural background population of A. saligna subsp. lindleyi was detected in 14% of the progeny of A. saligna subsp. saligna and varied among maternal trees. Long distance inter-subspecific pollen dispersal was detected for distances of over 1,500 m. The results provide information for use in the breeding and domestication programme aimed at developing A. saligna as an agroforestry crop for the low rainfall areas of southern Australia.
Keywords: Microsatellite; Mating system; Pollen dispersal; Male mating success; Paternity analysis; Acacia saligna
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Provenance: Published online: 11 October 2007
RMID: 0020080765
DOI: 10.1007/s11295-007-0115-z
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