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Type: Journal article
Title: Vitis seed longevity after prolonged cold storage
Author: Wheal, M.
Sykes, S.
Clingeleffer, P.
Citation: Vitis, 2003; 42(2):101-102
Publisher: Bundesanstalt Zuchtungs Forschung Kulturpflanzen
Issue Date: 2003
ISSN: 0042-7500
Abstract: Under our storage conditions, 16-year-old seeds of V. berlandieri x V. vinifera crosses were still capable of successful emergence, while 33 years appeared to exceed the maximum storage time for successful emergence of V. berlandieri or V. cinerea seedlings. The proportion of emerging seedlings was relatively low for the particular interspecies crosses, suggesting long-term storage of Vitis seeds is an inefficient practice for either breeding or conservation purposes. Seed storage appears less reliable for longterm conservation of grapevine germplasm than the resource-intensive cultivation of seedlings as individual vines, but may provide useful material for other purposes. Using established seed storage guidelines may extend longevity of grapevine seeds.
Keywords: seed; germination; Vitis berlandieri; Vitis
RMID: 0020081584
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