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2014Intravenous butorphanol improves cardiopulmonary parameters in game-ranched white rhinoceroses (Ceratotherium simum) immobilized with etorphine and azaperoneBoardman, W.; Caraguel, C.; Raath, J.; Van Zijll Langhout, M.
2012Identification of periparturient mare and foal associated predictors of post parturient immunoglobulin A concentrations in thoroughbred foalsJenvey, C.; Caraguel, C.; Howarth, G.; Riley, C.
2014Shedding of Salmonella in single age caged commercial layer flock at an early stage of layGole, V.; Caraguel, C.; Sexton, M.; Fowler, C.; Chousalkar, K.
2014Evaluation of a novel accelerometer for kinetic gait analysis in dogsClark, K.; Caraguel, C.; Leahey, L.; BĂ©raud, R.
2013The two-step Fagan's nomogram: ad hoc interpretation of a diagnostic test result without calculationCaraguel, C.; Vanderstichel, R.
2016Chasing Salmonella Typhimurium in free range egg production systemChousalkar, K.; Gole, V.; Caraguel, C.; Rault, J.
2017Mandatory desexing of dogs: one step in the right direction to reduce the risk of dog bite? A systematic reviewD'Onise, K.; Hazel, S.; Caraguel, C.
2017Evaluation of a telemetric gastrointestinal pill for continuous monitoring of gastrointestinal temperature in horses at rest and during exerciseVerdegaal, E.; Delesalle, C.; Caraguel, C.; Folwell, L.; McWhorter, T.; Howarth, G.; Franklin, S.
2014Improvements are needed in reporting of accuracy studies for diagnostic tests used for detection of finfish pathogensGardner, I.; Burnley, T.; Caraguel, C.
2015Precision of spinal radiographs as a screening test for intervertebral disc calcification in DachshundsRosenblatt, A.; Hill, P.; Davies, S.; Webster, N.; Lappalainen, A.; Bottema, C.; Caraguel, C.