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2011Experimental colonization of the canine urinary tract with the asymptomatic bacteriuria Escherichia coli strain 83972Thompson, M.; Totsika, M.; Schembri, M.; Mills, P.; Seton, E.; Trott, D.
2011Beef cattle selected for increased muscularity have a reduced muscle response and increased adipose tissue response to adrenalineMcGilchrist, P.; Pethick, D.; Bonny, S.; Greenwood, P.; Gardner, G.
2011Whole body insulin responsiveness is higher in beef steers selected for increased musclingMcGilchrist, P.; Pethick, D.; Bonny, S.; Greenwood, P.; Gardner, G.
2011Regional differences in wound oxygenation during normal healing in an equine model of cutaneous fibroproliferative disorderCeleste, Christophe J.; Deschesne, Karine; Riley, Christopher Bruce; Theoret, Christine L.
2011Single nucleotide polymorphisms in collagenous lectins and other innate immune genes in pigs with common infectious diseasesKeirstead, Natalie Danette; Hayes, M. Anthony; Vandervoort, G. E.; Brooks, Andrew S.; Squires, E. James; Lillie, B. N.
2011Septic peritonitis and uroperitoneum secondary to subclinical omphalitis and concurrent necrotizing cystitis in a coltLores, Marcos; Lofstedt, Jeanne; Martinson, Shannon; Riley, Christopher Bruce
2011Repetitive stimulation of the common peroneal nerve as a diagnostic aid for botulism in foalsAleman, M.; Williams, D.; Jorge, N.; Magdesian, K.; Brosnan, R.; Feary, D.; Hilton, H.; Kozikowski, T.; Higgins, J.; Madigan, J.; LeCouteur, R.
2011The Welfare of Farmed RatitesGlatz, P.
2011Multidrug-resistant extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli of sequence type ST131 in animals and foodsPlatell, J.; Johnson, J.; Cobbold, R.; Trott, D.
2011Feline bacterial urinary tract infections: An update on an evolving clinical problemLitster, A.; Thompson, M.; Moss, S.; Trott, D.