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Type: Journal article
Title: Preparation and anti-tumour activity of some arylbismuth(III) oxine complexes
Author: Smith, Katharine A.
Deacon, Glen B.
Jackson, W. Roy
Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
Rainone, Silvina
Webster, Lorraine K.
Citation: Metal-Based Drugs. 5(5):295-304
Issue Date: 1998
ISSN: 0793-0291
School/Discipline: School of Chemistry and Physics
Statement of
Katharine A. Smith, Glen B. Deacon, W. Roy Jackson, Edward R. T. Tiekink, Silvina Rainone, and Lorraine K. Webster
Abstract: New arylbismuth(lll) oxinates, PhBi(MeOx)₂, (p-MeC₆H₄)Bi(Ox)₂, (p-MeC₆H₄)Bi(MeOx)₂, (p-ClC₆H4)Bi(Ox)₂, and (p-ClC₆H₄)Bi(MeOx)₂ (Ox− = quinolin-8-olate and MeOx−=2-methylquinolin-8-olate) have been prepared by reaction of the appropriate diarylbismuth chlorides with Na(Ox) or Na(MeOx) in the presence of 15-crown-5. An X-ray crystallographic study has shown PhBi(MeOx)₂ to be a five coordinate monomer with distorted square pyramidal stereochemistry. Chelating MeOx ligands have a cisoid arrangement in the square plane and the phenyl group is apical. The lattice is stabilised by significant π-π interactions between centrosymmetric molecules. A range of these complexes has been shown to have high in vitro biological activity (comparable with or better than cisplatin) against L1210 leukaemia, the corresponding cisplatin resistant line, and a human ovarian cell line, SKOV-3. However, initial in vivo testing against a solid mouse plasmacytoma (PC6) and P388 leukaemia has not revealed significant activity.
DOI: 10.1155/MBD.1998.295
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