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Type: Journal article
Title: Novel coordination isomerization in organotin(IV) compounds. Synthesis, molecular structures, and NMR studies of LSnPhX2 (X = Ph, Cl, Br, I, SPh), LCH2SnPhX2 (X = Ph, Cl, Br, I), and LSiPh3, where LH is (2-MeO-3-tBu-5-Me-C6H2)2CH2
Author: Dakternieks, Dainis
Jurkschat, Klaus
Tozer, R.
Hook, J.
Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
Citation: Organometallics. 16:3696-3706
Issue Date: 1997
ISSN: 0276-7333
School/Discipline: School of Chemistry and Physics
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