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Type: Conference paper
Title: The CANGAROO-III Project: Status report
Author: Mori, M.
Clay, R.
Gunji, S.
Hara, S.
Hara, T.
Itoh, C.
Kubo, H.
Maeda, S.
Yoshikoshi, T.
Citation: Proceedings of ICRC 2001, 2001 / M.Simon, E.Lorenz and M.Pohl (eds.), pp. 2831-2834
Publisher: Copernicus
Issue Date: 2001
ISSN: 1340-3745
Abstract: We report on the status of the construction of an array of four 10m atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes for gamma-ray astronomy, near Woomera, in South Australia-the CANGAROO-III project. The first telescope of this array is the upgraded version of the CANGAROO-II 7m telescope and has been in operation since March 2000. The second telescope, an improved version of the first, is being constructed for installation in late 2001. Stereoscopic observation of sub TeV gamma-rays with the two 10m telescopes will begin in 2002 and the full array will be operational in 2004.
RMID: 0030001245
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