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dc.contributor.advisorHayes, Matthewen
dc.contributor.advisorFord, Christopher Michaelen
dc.contributor.authorRongala, Jayachandraen
dc.description.abstractThis research was performed over 10 months as part of Masters of Biotechnology (Plant Biotechnology). The literature review was previously assed by the examiners and suggested changes and updates were made accordingly. The present research manuscript herein provides the first draft of a future publication in Plant Physiology, due to time and some unexpected factors the project was not completed and all the data was not included in the manuscript, but the materials, methods and the outline was briefly explained in the “appendices” section. The research manuscript outlines the introduction, results, discussion, material and methods. All the results are included in the sequential flow of my project except for the last part; functional expression in xenopus oocytes, which was included in the appendices.en
dc.subject.lcshOrganic acidsen
dc.subject.lcshPlant vacuoles.en
dc.titleIdentification and localization of vacuolar organic acid carriers in grapevine berries.en
dc.contributor.schoolSchool of Agriculture, Food and Wine : Plant and Food Scienceen
dc.provenanceCopyright material removed from digital thesis. See print copy in University of Adelaide Library for full text.en
dc.provenanceMaster of Science by Masters of Biotechnology (Plant Biotechnology).en
dc.description.dissertationThesis (M.Bio (PB)) - University of Adelaide, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, 2008en
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