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2017Measuring and tracking vitamin B12: a review of current methods with a focus on optical spectroscopyTsiminis, G.; Schartner, E.; Brooks, J.; Hutchinson, M.
2018Landslide-dam paleolakes in the Central Pyrenees, Upper Gállego River Valley, NE Spain: timing and relationship with deglaciationGuerrero, J.; Gutiérrez, F.; García-Ruiz, J.; Carbonel, D.; Lucha, P.; Arnold, L.
2016Efficient, low threshold, cryogenic Ho:YAG laserGanija, M.; Simakov, N.; Hemming, A.; Haub, J.; Veitch, P.; Munch, J.
2017Macrocyclic peptidomimetics prepared by ring-closing metathesis and azide-alkyne cycloadditionPehere, A.; Zhang, X.; Abell, A.
2017Drift-compensated low-noise frequency synthesis based on a cryoCSO for the KRISS-F1Heo, M.-S.; Park, S.; Lee, W.-K.; Lee, S.-B.; Hong, H.-G.; Kwon, T.; Park, C.; Yu, D.-H.; Santarelli, G.; Hilton, A.; Luiten, A.; Hartnett, J.
2016The use of MALDI-MSI in the investigation of psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders: a reviewSchubert, K.; Weiland, F.; Baune, B.; Hoffmann, P.; Clench, M.
2016Online remote monitoring of explosives by optical fibresRuan, S.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, P.; Pan, X.; Fang, C.; Qin, A.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Tang, B.; Tang, Y.; Ruan, Y.
2016Recent advances in cytokine detection by immunosensingLiu, G.; Qi, M.; Hutchinson, M.; Yang, G.; Goldys, E.
2014Tunable lifetime multiplexing using luminescent nanocrystalsLu, Y.; Zhao, J.; Zhang, R.; Liu, Y.; Liu, D.; Goldys, E.; Yang, X.; Xi, P.; Sunna, A.; Lu, J.; Shi, Y.; Leif, R.; Huo, Y.; Shen, J.; Piper, J.; Robinson, J.; Jin, D.
2016Anomalous two-photon spectral features in warm rubidium vaporPerrella, C.; Light, P.; Milburn, T.; Kielpinski, D.; Stace, T.; Luiten, A.