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2013Low major histocompatibility complex diversity in the Tasmanian devil predates European settlement and may explain susceptibility to disease epidemicsMorris, K.; Austin, J.; Belov, K.
2010αB-Crystallin inhibits the cell toxicity associated with amyloid fibril formation by κ-casein and the amyloid-β peptideDehle, F.; Ecroyd, H.; Musgrave, I.; Carver, J.
2014Widely tunable short-infrared thulium and holmium doped fluorozirconate waveguide chip lasersLancaster, D.; Gross, S.; Withford, M.; Monro, T.
2013Femtosecond dynamics of excitons and hole-polarons in composite P3HT/PCBM nanoparticlesClafton, S.; Huang, D.; Massey, W.; Kee, T.
2019Rapid separation and identification of beer spoilage bacteria by inertial microfluidics and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometryCondina, M.R.; Dilmetz, B.A.; Razavi Bazaz, S.; Meneses, J.; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M.; Hoffmann, P.
2013The origins of the enigmatic Falkland Islands wolfAustin, J.; Soubrier, J.; Prevosti, F.; Prates, L.; Trejo, V.; Mena, F.; Cooper, A.
2009Gain-switched holmium-doped fibre laserWu, K.; Ottaway, D.; Munch, J.; Lancaster, D.; Bennetts, S.; Jackson, S.
2012Femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy of copper(II)–curcumin complexesLeung, H.; Pham, D.; Lincoln, S.; Kee, T.
2014Femtosecond direct-written integrated mode couplersRiesen, N.; Gross, S.; Love, J.; Withford, M.
2016High-contrast visualization of upconversion luminescence in mice using time-gating approachZheng, X.; Zhu, X.; Lu, Y.; Zhao, J.; Feng, W.; Jia, G.; Wang, F.; Li, F.; Jin, D.