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2007Extrusion of complex preforms for microstructured optical fibersEbendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Monro, T.
2005A lead silicate holey fibre with γ=1860 W⁻¹km⁻¹ at 1550 nmLeong, J.; Petropoulos, P.; Asimakis, S.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Moore, R.; Frampton, K.; Finazzi, V.; Feng, X.; Price, J.; Monro, T.; Richardson, D.; Karl Koch; OFC/NFOEC (2005 : Anaheim, California, USA)
2005Heavy metal oxide glass holey fibers with high nonlinearityEbendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Petropoulos, P.; Finazzi, V.; Asimakis, S.; Leong, J.; Koizumi, F.; Frampton, K.; Moore, R.; Richardson, D.; Monro, T.; Conference on Optical Fiber Communication (2005 : Anaheim, California)
2007Optical fibres - Beyond the diffraction limitMonro, T.
2005Long-distance frequency dissemination with a resolution of 10‾¹⁷Daussy, C.; Lopez, O.; Amy-Klein, A.; Goncharov, A.; Guinet, M.; Chardonnet, C.; Narbonneau, F.; Lours, M.; Chambon, D.; Bize, S.; Clairon, A.; Santarelli, G.; Tobar, M.E.; Luiten, A.N.
2009Soft glass microstructured optical fibers: recent progress in fabrication and opportunities for novel optical devicesEbendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Monro, T.; Asia Communications and Photonics Conference and Exhibition (2009 : Shanghai, China)
2003Tests of Lorentz invariance using a microwave resonatorWolf, P.; Bize, S.; Clairon, A.; Luiten, A.N.; Santarelli, G.; Tobar, M.E.
2009Injection mode-locked, Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser at 1319nmSimakov, N.; Hosken, D.; Hamilton, M.; Veitch, P.; Munch, J.; Australasian Conference on Optics, Lasers and Spectroscopy (2009 : Adelaide, Australia)
2005Extruded single-mode high-index-core one-dimensional microstructured optical fiber with high index-contrast for highly nonlinear optical devicesFeng, X.; Monro, T.; Petropoulos, P.; Finazzi, V.; Richardson, D.
2003A high efficiency low threshold erbium-doped holey optical fiber laserFurusawa, K.; Sahu, J.; Monro, T.; Richardson, D.; Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO/QELS) (2003 : Baltimore, USA)