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1998Novel gas sensor based on difference frequency mixing using all fiber beam deliveryLancaster, D.; Curl, R.; Tittel, F.; Goldberg, L.; Koplow, J.; Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) (1998 : Glasgow, Scotland)
1998Tunable mid-infrared laser-based gas sensors: new technologies and applicationsLancaster, D.; Tittel, F.; Richter, D.; Petrov, K.; Curl, R.; Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) (1998 : San Francisco, CA, USA)
1998Mid-infrared difference-frequency generation source pumped by a 1.1-1.5-μm dual-wavelength fiber amplifier for trace-gas detectionGoldberg, L.; Koplow, J.; Lancaster, D.; Curl, R.; Tittel, F.
1999Detection of carbon monoxide from biological tissue using difference frequency generation in periodically-poled lithium niobate near 4.6 µmMorimoto, Y.; Klattenhoff, J.; Durante, W.; Lancaster, D.; Curl, R.; Tittel, F.
1995A pulsed laser source using stimulated Raman scattering and difference frequency mixing: Remote sensing of methane in airLancaster, D.; Dawes, J.
1999Continuous-wave laser spectrometer automatically aligned and continuously tuned from 11.8 to 16.1 μm by use of diode-laser-pumped difference-frequency generation in GaSePutnam, R.; Lancaster, D.
1997Combined temperature strain discrimination in optical fibre sensorsMurphy, Dominic F.; Flavin, Donal A.; Internet of Things Conference (1997 : Sligo, Ireland)
1999High-power continuous-wave mid-infrared radiation generated by difference frequency mixing of diode-laser-seeded fiber amplifiers and its application to dual-beam spectroscopyLancaster, D.; Richter, D.; Curl, R.; Tittel, F.; Goldberg, L.; Koplow, J.
1998Fibre coupled difference frequency generation utilising ytterbium-doped fibre amplifier and periodically poled LiNbO3Lancaster, D.; Goldberg, L.; Koplow, J.; Curl, R.; Tittel, F.
1999Portable fiber-coupled diode-laser-based sensor for multiple trace gas detectionLancaster, D.; Richter, D.; Tittel, F.