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8-Feb-2021“A Genius About the Place”: The Phoenix Magazine and Australian modernismHoskin, Cheryl
8-Feb-2021Sir Samuel Way, E.A. Petherick and the Formation of the University of Adelaide CollectionHoskin, Cheryl
2021Series 12.3: 'Eugenics and political theory'Fisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.5: Untitled paper on barbarous versus civilised societiesFisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.9: 'The barbarians of Arabia' (ms)Fisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.10: Various notesFisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.4: 'Memorandum on the policy of the Eugenics Society with respect to the professions and trade unions.' Includes an associated address headed 'Filed under national Union of Scientific Workers' - written while at RothamsteadFisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.16: Brief ms draft letter/address to the Eugenics Society in London towards the setting up of Rockefeller Institute of Hygiene in London(?)Fisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.14 Ms notes from 'A history of Egypt' by E. Wallis Budge and other notesFisher, Ronald Aylmer; Budge, E. Wallis
2021Series 12.11: Ms draft of Chapters I-IV for work on evolutionFisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.12: Ms paper on relative rates of reproductionFisher, Ronald Aylmer
Dec-2020[Talks and presentations on German missionaries and Kaurna language reclamation]Rüdiger, Gerhard
30-Sep-2020Kadlitiya and Kadliti'-PariSchultz, Chester
13-Aug-2020KarrawadlunggaSchultz, Chester
13-Aug-2020MunaSchultz, Chester
10-Jul-2020?Purtawarti / ?Purtartilla / ?Purditilla (Ochre Cover)Schultz, Chester
12-May-2020NganpanggaSchultz, Chester
26-Mar-2020MitiwartiSchultz, Chester
5-Mar-2020Pangkarla and Aboriginal history around Normanville and the Bungala RiverSchultz, Chester
26-Jan-2020‘Cowyrlanka’ / ?Kauwiyarlungga (Second Valley)Schultz, Chester