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24-Sep-2019Piltawodli (Pirltawardli)Schultz, Chester
25-Mar-2013Pimpala (railway station near Old Reynella)Schultz, Chester
1-Oct-1936Pioneers and problems : South Australia's musical historyBrewster-Jones, Hooper
9-Jul-2021PirranggaSchultz, Chester
1942Pitcairn Island government regulations, 1940: instructions for the guidance of the local government of Pitcairn IslandMaude, Henry Evans
1597A plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke, set down in forme ce a dialogue, devided into three partes, the first teacheth to sing with all things necessary for the knowledge of prickt-song. The second treateth of descante and to sing two parts in one upon a plainsong or ground, with other things necessary for a descanter. The third and last part entreateth of composition of three, foure, five or more parts with many profitable rules to that effect. With new songs of 2, 3, 4, and 5 partsMorley, Thomas
1944Planning meat ration mealsCommonwealth Rationing Commission and Commonwealth Department of Health; Australia. Dept. of Health.
13-Feb-1975Play Strindberg-
1902Police Experiences with the Natives : Reminiscences of the early days of the colonyMcLean, James
-Polyzoa tracts : [a collection of journal articles on Polyzoa]Howchin, Walter
4-Aug-2017PonkepurringaSchultz, Chester
1853The Poomindie Mission [at Port Lincoln], : described in a letter from the Lord Bishop of Adelaide to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.Short, Augustus, 1802-1883.; Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (Great Britain), recipient.
-Precision of the estimation of S(p2)Fisher, R. A.
-Probability of ultimate survival of mutations with different favourable selective intensitiesFisher, R. A.
1976The proceedings of H.M.S. `Royalist`, Captain E.H.M. Davis, R.N., May-August, 1892, in the Gilbert, Ellice and Marshall IslandsDavis, E. H. M., Captain, 1846-1926
MASA programme.jpg.jpg26-Oct-2015Programme for a Musical Evening put on by the Musical Association of South Australia in honour of Sir Granville Bantock, in the Claridge Theatre, Gawler Place, Adelaide.(Arthur Williamson was the Vice-President of the MASA at this time.)-
1939Promotional flyer 1939-
1940Promotional flyer 1940-
Apr-2018Pronunciation of Yaitya NgutupiraO'Brien, Rodney
11-Jun-2013PunduwalluwatinggSchultz, Chester