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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2012Earliest wireless communication in AdelaideJudell, L.M.W.
1-Dec-1891Early Adelaide : Wirth Bros. Wild West Combined Shows-
31-May-1892Early Adelaide: "Great Double Attraction" : London Assurance-
16-Feb-1889Early Adelaide: Adelaide Musical Association / Sleeping Beauty / To The Sons of Art.-
2-Aug-1893Early Adelaide: Dramatic Entertainment : A Silent Woman / Fennel or The Violin Makers / Written in Sand.-
24-Sep-1890Early Adelaide: Dramatic Entertainment and Concert : Withered Leaves / Cupboard Love-
8-Nov-1893Early Adelaide: Dramatic Entertainment and Musical Entertainment : Withered Leaves / A Bed of Roses.-
17-Mar-1934Early Adelaide: Faust-
16-Nov-1893Early Adelaide: Garrick Dramatic Club : Caste.-
2-Feb-1893Early Adelaide: Long Odds-
1899Early Adelaide: Musical and dramatic entertainment-
19-Sep-1896Early Adelaide: Special Comedy Entertainment / Drifted Apart / The Hunchback / A Bed of Roses-
9-Sep-1897Early Adelaide: University Shakespeare Society Musical and Dramatic Evening-
26-Nov-1896Early Adelaide: University Shakespeare Society Programme for Final Meeting of Thirteenth Session-
13-Nov-2015Echoes [n.d.]-
30-Jul-2015Effective voting : Australia's opportunity : an explanation of the Hare system of representationSpence, Catherine Helen
1942The Electrical and Engineering Review (Article only)-
1847The emigrant : a tale of AustraliaLeigh, W. H.
1839Emigration fields : North America, the Cape, Australia, and New Zealand, describing these countries, and giving a comparative view of the advantages they present to British settlersMatthew, Patrick.