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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-1969Sappho and Phao-
1939Science and Community [14th November 1939]-
2016Scrap Album-
1986Sea LegendStevenson, Dorothy
26-Oct-1976The Season at Sarsaparilla-
29-Jan-2014Section I, 1 - Origin of the Australian Race.Bates, Daisy
29-Jan-2014Section I, 1a - Theories concerning the Origin of the two primary classes.Bates, Daisy
29-Jan-2014Section I, 1b - Additional article: Origin of Australian AboriginesBates, Daisy
29-Jan-2014Section I, 2 - Origin of the Australian Race. Rough drafts, duplicates.-
4-Feb-2014Section I, 3 - Supplementary Notes of Origin of Aborigines. Extracts from the works of various authors. early MSS.Bates, Daisy
6-Feb-2014Section II, 1 - Tribal Organisation and geographical distribution, Western Australia.Bates, Daisy
6-Feb-2014Section II, 2a - Geographical distribution of the Northern and Southern groups of Western Australia.Bates, Daisy
6-Feb-2014Section II, 2b - Geographical distribution of the groups of Gascoyne and surrounding area (Cornally's information)Bates, Daisy
6-Feb-2014Section II, 2c - Geographical distribution, early notes, mainly concerning the Southern portion of Western Australia.Bates, Daisy
11-Feb-2014Section II, 3a - Waterholes, etc. Eucla and Central AreasBates, Daisy
11-Feb-2014Section II, 3b - Waterholes, etc. Ooldea District.Bates, Daisy
4-Dec-2012Section II, 3ci - Names of places on the Murchison, Mt. Sir Samuel Lake Way, etc.-
11-Feb-2014Section II, 3cii - Upper Murchison Tribes. Geographical distribution. Waterholes, camping places, trade routes, etc. Points of the compass.Bates, Daisy
11-Feb-2014Section II, 3ciii - Geographical notes. Peak Hill District, etc.Bates, Daisy
13-Feb-2014Section II, 3di - South Western subdivisions.Bates, Daisy