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Type: Recorded work
Title: Beowulf: A Dramatic Reading in the Original Language
Author: Burton, T.
Publisher Place: The Chaucer Studio
Issue Date: 2000
Description: Roles : reader as Wulfgar, Unferth, Scop, Messenger. Directed by Thomas Rendall. Recorded at Recorded at the Simon Fraser University Audio/Visual Centre. July, 2000. Readers: Tom Rendall (Narrator), Harvey DeRoo (Beowulf ), Robert Stevick (Hrothgar), Tom Burton (Wulfgar, Unferth, Finnsburg Scop, Messenger), Thomas Chase (Wiglaf ), Kamal Fox (Coast Guard, Last Survivor), Mary–Ann Stouck (Wealhtheow), Stephen Partridge (Hygelac). Music: Selected by Tom Chase and performed by Doug Chan. CD no. : OR027
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