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dc.identifier.citationGenetica: the international journal on genetics, 2009; 135(3):379-390-
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dc.description.abstractTwo MHC class II loci, DAB (a classical class II locus) and DXB (putatively a non-classical class II locus), were sequenced in samples of individuals from two populations of swordtail fish, Xiphophorus multilineatus and X. pygmaeus. The DAB locus showed higher levels of genetic variation in the B1-encoding region, (putative binding region) than the DXB locus. We used two methods to investigate dN/dS ratios. The results from a maximum likelihood method based on phylogenetic relationships indicated positive selection on the B1 region of DAB (this method could not be used on DXB). Results from a coalescent-based method also showed evidence for positive selection in the B1 region of DAB, but only weak evidence for selection on the DXB. Further analyses indicated that recombination is an important source of variation in the B1 region of DAB, but has a relatively small effect on DXB. Overall, our results were consistent with the hypothesis that the DAB locus is under positive selection driven by antagonistic coevolution, and that the DXB locus plays the role of a non-classical MHC II locus. We also used simulations to investigate the presence of an elevated synonymous substitution rate in the binding region. The simulations revealed that the elevated rate could be caused by an interaction between positive selection and codon bias.-
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dc.subjectGenes, MHC Class II-
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dc.subjectSelection, Genetic-
dc.titleDivergent patterns of selection on the DAB and DXB MHC class II loci in Xiphophorus fishes-
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dc.identifier.orcidDa Silva, J. [0000-0001-5631-5421]-
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