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2001Activation of cyclo-oxygenase-2 contributes to motor and cognitive dysfunction following diffuse traumatic brain injury in ratsCernak, I.; O'Connor, C.; Vink, R.
2001Increased facial temperature as an early warning in Sudden Infant Death SyndromeRussell, M.; Vink, R.
2013Substance P antagonists as a novel intervention for brain edema and raised intracranial pressureGabrielian, L.; Helps, S.; Thornton, E.; Turner, R.; Leonard, A.; Vink, R.
2006Magnesium restores altered aquaporin-4 immunoreactivity following traumatic brain injury to a pre-injury stateGhabriel, M.; Thomas, A.; Vink, R.; The international symposium on brain edema and tissue injury (01 Jun 2005 - 03 Jun 2005 : Ann Arbor, Michigan)
2013Walker 256 tumour cells increase substance P immunoreactivity locally and modify the properties of the blood-brain barrier during extravasation and brain invasionLewis, K.; Harford-Wright, E.; Vink, R.; Nimmo, A.; Ghabriel, M.
2013NK1 receptor antagonists and dexamethasone as anticancer agents in vitro and in a model of brain tumours secondary to breast cancerLewis, K.; Harford-Wright, E.; Vink, R.; Ghabriel, M.
2001An overview of new and novel pharmacotherapies for use in traumatic brain injuryVink, R.; Nimmo, A.; Cernak, I.
2008Estimated nutrient intake of urban Indigenous participants enrolled in a lifestyle intervention programLongstreet, D.; Heath, D.; Savage, I.; Vink, R.; Panaretto, K.
2013The effect of an NK1 receptor antagonist on blood spinal cord barrier permeability following balloon compression-induced spinal cord injuryLeonard, A.; Vink, R.
2013Magnesium and traumatic brain injuryTurner, R.; Vink, R.