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Type: Journal article
Title: Intrauterine growth restriction and the sex specific programming of leptin and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor [gamma (PPAR gamma]) mRNA expression in visceral fat in the lamb
Author: Duffield, J.
Vuocolo, T.
Tellam, R.
McFarlane, J.
Kauter, K.
Muhlhausler, B.
McMillen, I.
Citation: Pediatric Research, 2009; 66(1):59-65
Publisher: Int Pediatric Research Foundation Inc
Issue Date: 2009
ISSN: 0031-3998
Statement of
Jaime A. Duffield, Tony Vuocolo, Ross Tellam, Jim R. McFarlane, Kate G. Kauter, Beverly S. Muhlhausler and I. Caroline McMillen
Abstract: Being born small is associated with an increased risk of visceral obesity and insulin resistance in adult life. We have investigated the effect of IUGR on adipogenic and lipogenic gene expression in visceral fat in the lamb at 3 wk of age. Perirenal fat mass, but not adipocyte size was greater in females than males, independent of birth weight. Plasma insulin concentrations during the first 24 h after birth predicted the size of the adipocytes and expression of adiponectin in visceral adipose tissue in both males and females. In females, plasma nonesterified fatty acids (NEFA) concentrations during the first 24 h after birth were directly related to peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) mRNA expression in the perirenal fat depot at 3 wk of age. In the males, in contrast to the females, PPAR and leptin expression in perirenal visceral fat were significantly lower in IUGR compared with control lambs. Thus, the early nutritional environment programs adipocyte growth and gene expression in visceral adipose tissue. The differential effect of sex and IUGR on PPAR and leptin expression in visceral fat may be important in the subsequent development of visceral obesity and the insulin resistant phenotype in later life. (Pediatr Res 66: 59–65, 2009)
Keywords: Animals; Animals, Newborn; Sheep; Fetal Growth Retardation; Insulin; Leptin; Fatty Acids, Nonesterified; PPAR gamma; Analysis of Variance; Sex Factors; Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental; Female; Male; Intra-Abdominal Fat; Animal Nutritional Physiological Phenomena
RMID: 0020090978
DOI: 10.1203/PDR.0b013e3181a7c121
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