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Type: Journal article
Title: Laboratory characterization of phosphorus in fresh and oven-dried organic amendments
Author: Ajiboye, A.
Akinremi, O.
Racz, G.
Citation: Journal of Environmental Quality, 2004; 33:1062-1069
Publisher: Amer Soc Agronomy
Issue Date: 2004
ISSN: 0047-2425
Statement of
B. Ajiboye, O. O. Akinremi and G. J. Racz
Abstract: This study was performed to determine the forms of P and to examine the influence of oven-drying on P forms in different organic amendments. Samples of biosolids, beef and dairy cattle manures, and hog manures from sow and nursery barns were used in this study. Both fresh and oven-dried amendments were analyzed for inorganic (Pi), organic (Po), and total phosphorus using a modified Hedley fractionation technique. Water extracted about 10% of total biosolids P and 30 to 40% of total hog and cattle manure P. The amount of P extracted by NaHCO₃ranged from 21 to 32% of total P in all organic amendments except in the dairy cattle manure with 45% of total P. The labile P fraction (sum of H₂O- and NaHCO3–extractable P) was 24% of biosolids P, 60% of hog manure P, and 70% of dairy cattle manure P. The residual P was about 10% in biosolids and cattle manures and 5 to 8% in hog manures. Oven-drying caused a transformation in forms of P in the organic amendments. In hog manures, H₂O-extractable Po was transformed to Pi, while in the dairy manure NaHCO3–extractable P was converted to H₂O-extractable Pi with oven-drying. Therefore, caution should be exercised in using oven-drying for studies that evaluate forms of P in organic amendments. Overall, these results indicate that biosolids P may be less susceptible to loss by water when added to agricultural land.
Keywords: BEEF
manure collected from a beef cattle barn
BIO1 and BIO2
biosolids samples
manure from a dairy cattle barn
oven-dried manure samples
thawed manure samples
hog manure collected from a nursery barn
hog manure collected from a sow barn
hog manure collected from an agitated storage lagoon
Pi, inorganic phosphorus
organic phosphorus
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