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Type: Journal article
Title: Effects of Prostaglandin E1 analogue, Misoprostol, on the development of adjuvant arthritis in rats
Author: Rainsford, K.
Whitehouse, M.
Vernon-Roberts, B.
Citation: Inflammopharmacology, 1995; 3(1):49-63
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Issue Date: 1995
ISSN: 0925-4692
Statement of
K. D. Rainsford, M. W. Whitehouse and B. Vernon-Roberts
Abstract: Prostaglandins (PG) E , E and the PGE analogue, misoprostol, have been shown to inhibit T-cell functions and the production by activated monocytes or macrophages of interleukin-1, indicating that these PGs may have potential anti-arthritic activity by suppressing T-cell and monocyte activity. In view of this the potential anti-arthritic effects of the long half-life PG, misoprostol (MPL), were examined in adjuvant arthritic rats under prophylactic and therapeutic treatment regimes. Transcutaneous or subcutaneous MPL given at 200 Μg/kg/day but not at 50 or 5 Μg/kg/day when given 0 to +5 or 0 to + 14 days post-induction inhibited the development of the disease whereas the orally administered drug was without effects. MPL given transcutaneously with oral indomethacin (1 or 2 mg/kg/day) on days +17 to + 30 post-induction produced greater anti-inflammatory effects than with this NSAID alone. MPL given orally in combination with this NSAID did not enhance the anti-inflammatory effects of the latter. MPL 200 Μg/kg given transcutaneously exhibited anti-ulcer activity against indomethacin (30 mg/kg p.o.), naproxen (10 mg/kg i.p.) or piroxicam (5 mg/kg i.p.) induced gastric damage in arthritic rats and this was comparable with that from 100 Μg/kg MPL given orally. These results show that MPL has both unique anti-arthritic effects only when given transcutaneously or parenterally as well as anti-ulcer activity.
Keywords: Prostaglandin analogues; Arthritis; Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; Misoprostol; Inflammation
RMID: 0030006182
DOI: 10.1007/BF02659110
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