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Type: Conference paper
Title: Failure location in transparent optical networks: The asymmetry between false and missing alarms
Author: Nguyen, H.
Thiran, P.
Citation: 19th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 19) 2005. Performance Challenges for Efficient Next generation networks, 2005.
Issue Date: 2005
ISBN: 7563511415
Conference Name: International Teletraffic Congress (19th : 2005 : Beijing, China)
Department: Teletraffic Research Centre for Mathematical Modelling
Statement of
Hung X. Nguyen and Patrick Thiran
Abstract: Failure location in transparent optical networks is difficult because of cor- rupted alarms and the large amount of alarms that a failure can trigger. One problem that network operators often face is how to set the thresholds in monitoring devices. Set- ting the thresholds low results in false alarms, whereas setting them high presents the risk of missing a significant degradation in network performance because of missing alarms. In this work, we show that for a network with binary alarms (alarms are either present or not), there is an asymmetry between false and missing alarms. We prove that false alarms can be corrected in polynomial time but the correction of missing alarms is NP-hard. Because of this asymmetry between false and missing alarms, false alarms have a lesser effect on the accuracy of the diagnosis results than missing alarms do. Network operators therefore, when allowed, should set the threshold low to favor false alarms.
Keywords: Optical Networks; Network Measurements; Failure Location; Complexity Theory.
RMID: 0020093704
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