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Type: Journal article
Title: Managing employability for the future: perspectives and implications
Author: Clarke, M.
Citation: International Employment Relations Review, 2008; 14(1):51-62
Publisher: International Employment Relations Association
Issue Date: 2008
ISSN: 1324-1125
Statement of
Marilyn Clarke
Abstract: As jobs and careers have become more transient responsibility for maintaining employability has gradually shifted from the organisation to the individual. Organisations that once offered long-term hierarchical careers, company supported training, and the development of company specific skills in return for employee loyalty, hard work, and commitment are now expecting individuals to manage their own careers and to develop and maintain their own employability. This paper explores the concept of employability and then considers it from the perspective of the various key stakeholders - governments, educators, employers and, in particular, individuals. The paper argues that although some highly marketable employees may be benefiting from the transition from organisationally-managed to self-managed careers and employability there is little evidence of a widespread uptake among the majority of employees. The issues and implications surrounding employability self-management are discussed.
RMID: 0020095168
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