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Type: Thesis
Title: Twistonality [music] : a personal exploration : portfolio of original compositions and exegesis.
Author: Weekes, Diana K.
Issue Date: 2007
School/Discipline: Elder Conservatorium of Music
Abstract: This doctoral submission comprises three volumes and is entitled Twistonality: A Personal Exploration. Volume One consists of a portfolio of eleven original compositions, Volume Two is an exegesis and Volume Three contains live and/or computer-generated recordings of the music. The works are scored for a variety of instrumental and vocal combinations. The compositions explore the use of tonality as a basis for the creation of a uniquely personal style which incorporates musical gestures encountered in both traditional and contemporary performance practice. The term 'twistonality', devised for this submission, refers to a musical language in which a composer may express original ideas by twisting forms and tonal structures already resident in the conscious or subconscious memory in order to reflect his or her emotional reality as experienced through music.
Dissertation Note: Thesis (Ph.D.) -- University of Adelaide, Elder Conservatorium of Music, 2007
Keywords: Donne, John, 1572-1631 musical settings; songs with piano scores; concertos (instrumental ensemble) scores; ballets scores; orchestral music scores; sonatas (violoncello and piano) scores; string quartets scores; piano music (pianos (2)) scores; rhapsodies (music) scores; choruses (mixed voices), unaccompanied scores; vocal trios with instrumental ensemble scores; brass ensembles scores; fanfares scores; composition (music) tonality
Description: Title page, table of contents and abstract; v.2: table of contents; v.3: table of contents only. The complete thesis in print form is available from the University of Adelaide Library.
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