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Type: Thesis
Title: Origin, formation and environmental significance of sapropels in shallow Holocene coastal lakes of Southeastern Australia.
Author: Mee, Aija C.
Issue Date: 2007
School/Discipline: School of Earth and Environmental Sciences : Geology and Geophysics
Abstract: The aims of this investigation on the Holocene carbonate successions of three shallow, ephemeral lakes from the Cooring coastal plain were: to determine the timing of the sapropel ’events’ in the three lakes; to determine the origin of the sapropelic organic matter and evaluate changes; to establish whether sapropel deposition in these shallow, coastal lakes primarily reflects increased organic matter delivery to the sediments during periods of enhanced terrestrial input and/or aquatic productivity, and; to relate sapropel deposition in these three lakes to both regional and global palaeoenvironment reconstructions. --p. 23-24.
Dissertation Note: Thesis (Ph.D.) -- University of Adelaide, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, 2007
Keywords: geology, stratigraphic holocene; marine sediments South Australia; marine sediments environmental aspects South Australia
Description: Title page, contents and abstract only. The complete thesis in print form is available from the University of Adelaide Library.
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