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Type: Thesis
Title: The development and application of point-of-care pathology testing (POCT) models for the early detection and management of diabetes and renal disease in indigenous medical services.
Author: Shephard, Mark Douglas Samuel
Issue Date: 2007
School/Discipline: School of Population Health and Clinical Practice : General Practice
Abstract: The key research question examined in this thesis was: Could POCT ( point-of-care pathology testing) models that were analytically sound and clinically and culturally effective be established in Australian Indigenous medical services for the prevention and management of diabetes and renal disease? The systematic approach to answer this overarching research question included the scientific validation of the analytical performance of suitable point-of-care (POC) devices, the development of a culturally appropriate education and training program for Aboriginal Health Workers (and nurses) as POCT operators, the implementation of a quality management framework for maintaining surveillance of the analytical quality of POCT results, and an assessment of qualitative and quantitative research outcomes to determine the clinical and cultural effectiveness of POCT.
Dissertation Note: Thesis (Ph.D.) -- University of Adelaide, School of Population Health and Clinical Practice, 2007
Keywords: diabetes, indigenous people, aborigines, POCT (Point of Care Pathology Testing)
Description: Title page, table of contents and abstract only. The complete thesis in print form is available from the University of Adelaide Library.
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