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Type: Book (edited)
Title: Marine ecology
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publisher Place: South Melbourne
Issue Date: 2007
ISBN: 0195553020
Editor: Connell, S.
Gillanders, B.
Contents: 1. Introduction: Australasian marine ecology in a global context -- Pt. 1. Fundamental concepts in marine ecology: 2. Early life histories of marine invertebrates and fishes -- 3. Recruitment ecology of marine macroalgae -- 4. Negative interactions: the influence of predators and herbivores on prey & ecological systems -- 5. Negative interactions: an overview of competition among marine organisms -- 6. Positive interaction in marine communities -- 7. Natural disturbance and regeneration of marine bentic communities -- Pt. 2: Australia biogeography and connectivity: 8. Marine biogeography and biodiversity of Australia -- 9. Coastal oceanography and ecology -- 10. Dispersal and gene flow in Australian marine environments -- 11. Linking terrestrial-freshwater and marine environments: an example from estuarine systems -- Pt. 3. Australian Communities: 12. Open water: plankton ecology-- 11. Coral reefs: naturally dynamic and increasingly disturbed ecosystems -- 14. Subtidal temperate rocky habitats: habitat heterogenity at local to continental scales -- 15. Intertidal temperate rocky shores -- 16. Soft sediments -- 17. Seagrass -- 18. Mangroves and saltmarsh -- Pt. 4. Conservation and management: 19. Fisheries and their management -- 20. Marine protected areas -- 21. Water quality and the loss of coral reefs and kelp forests: alternative states and the influence of fishing -- 22. Invasive marine species management and research -- 23. Climate change in marine ecosystems
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