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2001Isolation, tissue distribution, and chromosomal localization of a novel testis-specific human four-transmembrane gene related to CD20 and FcRI-bHulett, M.; Pagler, E.; Hornby, J.; Hogarth, P.; Eyre, H.; Baker, E.; Crawford, J.; Sutherland, G.; Ohms, S.; Parish, C.
2000The humane genome projectSutherland, G.
2000Psychiatric epigenetics: a new focus for the new centuryPetronis, A.; Gottesman, I.; Crow, T.; DeLisi, L.; Klar, A.; Macciardi, F.; McInnis, M.; McMahon, F.; Paterson, A.; Skuse, D.; Sutherland, G.
2000The human genome projectSutherland, G.; International Conference of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (17th : 2000 : Sydney, Australia)
2002Is there a relationship between Wolfram syndrome carrier status and suicide?Crawford, J.; Zielinski, M.; Fisher, L.; Sutherland, G.; Goldney, R.
2004Nxf and Fbxo33: novel seizure-responsive genes in miceFlood, W.; Moyer, R.; Tsykin, A.; Sutherland, G.; Koblar, S.
2002CBFA2T3 (MTG16) is a putative breast tumor suppressor gene from the breast cancer loss of heterozygosity region at 16q24.3Kochetkova, M.; McKenzie, O.; Bais, A.; Martin, J.; Secker, G.; Seshadri, R.; Powell, J.; Hinze, S.; Gardner, A.; Spendlove, H.; O'Callaghan, N.; Cleton-Jansen, A.; Cornelisse, C.; Whitmore, S.; Crawford, J.; Kremmidiotis, G.; Sutherland, G.; Callen, D.
2004Aberrant CBFA2T3B gene promoter methylation in breast tumorsBais, A.; Gardner, A.; McKenzie, O.; Callen, D.; Sutherland, G.; Kremmidiotis, G.
2007NEDD4-2 as a potential candidate susceptibility gene for epileptic photosensitivityDibbens, L.; Ekberg, J.; Taylor, I.; Hodgson, B.; Conroy, S.; Lensink, I.; Kumar, S.; Zielinski, M.; Harkin, L.; Sutherland, G.; Adams, D.; Berkovic, S.; Scheffer, I.; Mulley, J.; Poronnik, P.
2000Human and mouse homologues of the Drosophila melanogaster tweety (tty) gene: A novel gene family encoding predicted transmembrane proteinsCampbell, H.; Kamei, M.; Claudianos, C.; Woollatt, E.; Sutherland, G.; Suzuki, Y.; Hida, M.; Sugano, S.; Young, I.