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2009Should we lower the dose of iron when treating anaemia in pregnancy? A randomized dose-response trialZhou, S.; Gibson, R.; Crowther, C.; Makrides, M.
2007Routine iron supplementation in pregnancy has no effect on iron status of children at six months and four years of ageZhou, S.; Gibson, R.; Makrides, M.
2007Marine oil supplements for pregnant women: Good for mum, good for baby?Makrides, M.; Gibson, R.
2007Responses to immunisation with Hib conjugate vaccine in Australian breastfed and formula-fed infantsHawkes, J.; Makrides, M.; Roberton, D.; Gibson, R.
2001Specific requirements for n-3 and n-6 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids for preterm and term infants?Makrides, M.; Gibson, R.
2003Early discharge with home support of gavage feeding for stable preterm infants who have not established full oral feedsCollins, C.; Makrides, M.; McPhee, A.
2008Effect of iron supplementation during pregnancy on the behaviour of children at early school age: long-term follow-up of a randomised controlled trialParsons, A.; Zhou, S.; Spurrier, N.; Makrides, M.
2002The effect of dietary DHA supplementation on human milk cytokinesHawkes, J.; Bryan, D.; Makrides, M.; Neuman, M.; Gibson, R.
2008Outcomes for Mothers and Their Babies: Do n-3 Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Seafoods Make a Difference?Makrides, M.
2008Avoidance of bottles during the establishment of breast feeds in preterm infantsCollins, C.; Makrides, M.; Gillis, J.; McPhee, A.