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2008An infectious aetiology of sudden infant death syndromeHighet, A.
2008Wholegrain foods made from a novel high-amylose barley variety (Himalaya 292) improve indices of bowel health in human subjectsBird, A.; Vuaran, M.; King, R.; Noakes, M.; Keogh, J.; Morell, M.; Topping, D.
2008Diagnosis of metachromatic leukodystrophy by immune quantification of arylsulphatase A protein and activity in dried blood spotsTan, M.; Dean, C.; Hopwood, J.; Meikle, P.
2008Breast burns are not benign: Long-term outcomes of burns to the breast in pre-pubertal girlsFoley, P.; Jeeves, A.; Davey, R.; Sparnon, A.
2008Overexpression and altered glycosylation of MUC1 in malignant mesotheliomaCreaney, J.; Segal, A.; Sterrett, G.; Platten, M.; Baker, E.; Murch, A.; Nowak, A.; Robinson, B.; Millward, M.
2008Dietary L-tyrosine supplementation in Nemaline myopathyRyan, M.; Sy, C.; Rudge, S.; Ellaway, C.; Ketteridge, D.; Roddick, L.; Iannaccone, S.; Kornberg, A.; North, K.
2008The history and development of the human genetics society of AustralasiaSutherland, G.
2008Plasma lipids are altered in Gaucher disease: Biochemical markers to evaluate therapeutic interventionMeikle, P.; Whitfield, P.; Rozaklis, T.; Blacklock, D.; Duplock, S.; Elstein, D.; Zimran, A.; Mengel, E.; Cannell, P.; Hopwood, J.; Fuller, M.
2008Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative practices and breast feeding duration in a cohort of first-time mothers in Adelaide, AustraliaPincombe, J.; Baghurst, P.; Antonjou, G.; Peat, B.; Henderson, A.; Reddin, E.
2008Chronic inflammatory changes seen in gallbladders of patients with pancreatico-biliary malunion years after transduodenal sphincterotomy: Is it a precursor for gallbladder carcinoma?Ali, A.; Blythe, A.; Ford, W.