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2008Maternal and cord plasma cytokine and chemokine profile in pregnancies complicated by asthmaOsei-Kumah, A.; Smith, R.; Clifton, V.
2008Gastric emptying is altered with the presence of gastritisSymonds, E.; Tran, C.; Butler, R.; Omari, T.
2008Effect of iron supplementation during pregnancy on the behaviour of children at early school age: long-term follow-up of a randomised controlled trialParsons, A.; Zhou, S.; Spurrier, N.; Makrides, M.
2008Optimal criteria for detecting bolus passage across the pharyngo-oesophageal segment during the normal swallow using intraluminal impedance recordingSzczesniak, M.; Rommel, N.; Dinning, P.; Fuentealba, S.; Cook, I.; Omari, T.
2008Methionine-dependence phenotype in the de novo pathway in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers with and without breast cancerBeetstra, S.; Suthers, G.; Dhillon, V.; Salisbury, C.; Turner, J.; Altree, M.; McKinnon, R.; Fenech, M.
2008Sex-Specific Differences in Peripheral Microvascular Blood Flow in Preterm InfantsStark, M.; Clifton, V.; Wright, I.
2008c-myb proto-oncogene is up-regulated in hypertrophic scars and correlates with increased collagen IKopecki, Z.; Adams, D.; Cowin, A.
2008Child psychiatry curricula in undergraduate medical educationSawyer, M.; Giesen, F.; Walter, G.
2008Monitoring physical health and adverse effects in children and adolescents prescribed antipsychoticsGrzeskowiak, L.; Ellis, D.; Phillips, A.; Angley, M.
2008Intrathoracic Petechial Hemorrhages in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Other Infant Deaths: Time for Re-examination?Goldwater, P.