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2008Guidelines for the use of infant formulas to treat cows milk protein allergy: an Australian consensus panel opinionKemp, A.; Hill, D.; Allen, K.; Davidson, G.; Day, A.; Heine, R.; Peake, J.; Prescott, S.; Shugg, A.; Anderson, K.; Sinn, J.
2008Current use of Australian snake antivenoms and frequency of immediate-type hypersensitivity reactions and anaphylaxisIsbister, G.; Brown, S.; MacDonald, E.; White, J.; Currie, B.
2008Monitoring vaccine safety: a critical component of every immunisation programBrotherton, J.; Gold, M.
2008Folate awareness and the prevalence of neural tube defects in South Australia, 1966-2007Chan, A.; van Essen, P.; Scott, H.; Haan, E.; Sage, L.; Scott, J.; Gill, T.; Nguyen, A.
2008Evaluating DNA sequence variants of unknown biological significanceGrist, S.; Dubowsky, A.; Suthers, G.
2008Leukocyte numbers and function in subjects eating n-3 enriched foods: selective depression of natural killer cell levelsMukaro, V.; Costabile, M.; Murphy, K.; Hii, C.; Howe, P.; Ferrante, A.
2008The Effect of the JNK Inhibitor, JIP Peptide, on Human T Lymphocyte Proliferation and Cytokine ProductionMelino, M.; Hii, C.; McColl, S.; Ferrante, A.
2008Gastroesophageal reflux in preterm infants: How acid should it be? Author's response to letterOmari, T.; Haslam, R.; Lundborg, P.
2008Inhibition of the lipopolysaccharide-induced stimulation of the members of the MAPK family in human monocytes/macrophages by 4-hydroxynonenal, a product of oxidized omega-6 fatty acidsMarantos, C.; Mukaro, V.; Ferrante, J.; Hii, C.; Ferrante, A.
2008Garlic compounds selectively kill childhood pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells in vitro without reducing T-cell function: Potential therapeutic use in the treatmen of ALLHodge, G.; Davis, S.; Rice, M.; Tapp, H.; Saxon, B.; Revesz, T.