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2010Effect of palliative oxygen versus room air in relief of breathlessness in patients with refractory dyspnoea: a double-blind, randomised controlled trialAbernethy, A.; McDonald, C.; Frith, P.; Clark, K.; Herndon, J.; Marcello, J.; Young, I.; Bull, J.; Wilcock, A.; Booth, S.; Wheeler, J.; Tulsky, J.; Crockett, A.; Currow, D.
2004The relative survival of COPD patients on long-term oxygen therapy in Australia: A comparative studyCranston, J.; Nguyen, A.; Crockett, A.
2013COPD: Practical aspects of case finding, diagnosing and monitoringWalters, J.; Crockett, A.; McDonald, V.
2007Co-morbid disease in COPD -More than a coincidenceCrockett, A.; Price, D.
2012A pragmatic cluster randomized controlled trial of early intervention for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by practice nurse-general practitioner teams: Study ProtocolBunker, J.; Reddel, H.; Dennis, S.; Middleton, S.; Van Schayck, C.; Crockett, A.; Hasan, I.; Hermiz, O.; Vagholkar, S.; Marks, G.; Zwar, N.
2008A pilot study to evaluate Australian predictive equations for the impulse oscillometry systemNewbury, W.; Crockett, A.; Newbury, J.
2001Domiciliary oxygen for interstitial lung diseaseCrockett, A.; Cranston, J.; Antic, N.
2006COPD: The end of the beginningRussell, R.; Singh, D.; Rahman, I.; Crockett, A.
2009A community population survey of prevalence and severity of dyspnea in adultsCurrow, D.; Plummer, J.; Crockett, A.; Abernethy, A.
2009Spirometry in primary care case-identification, diagnosis and management of COPDPrice, D.; Crockett, A.; Arne, M.; Garbe, B.; Jones, R.; Kaplan, A.; Langhammer, A.; Williams, S.; Yawn, B.