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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Best-practice integrated health care governance - applying evidence to Australia's health reform agenda: Is Australia ready for evidence into policy?Nicholson, C.; Jackson, C.; Marley, J.
2003A comparison of outcomes with angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors and diuretics for hypertension in the elderlyWing, L.; Reid, C.; Ryan, P.; Beilin, L.; Brown, M.; Jennings, G.; Johnston, C.; McNeil, J.; MacDonald, G.; Marley, J.; Morgan, T.; West, M.
2000Recent trends in the use of antidepressant drugs in Australia, 1990-1998McManus, P.; Mant, A.; Mitchell, P.; Montgomery, W.; Marley, J.; Auland, M.
2001An observational study of the medical events associated with clinician-initiated changes in treatment for essential hypertensionBrokensha, G.; Marley, J.
2002'Reverse white-coat hypertension' in older hypertensivesWing, L.; Brown, M.; Beilin, L.; Ryan, P.; Reid, C.; Jennings, G.; Johnston, C.; MacDonald, G.; McNeil, J.; Marley, J.; Morgan, T.; West, M.
200175+ health assessmentsNewbury, J.; Marley, J.
2002Effect of changes in antibiotic prescribing on patient outcomes in a community setting: A natural experiment in AustraliaBeilby, J.; Marley, J.; Walker, D.; Chamberlain, N.; Burke, M.
2012Difficulties in disclosing the diagnosis of dementia: a qualitative study in general practicePhillips, J.; Pond, C.; Paterson, N.; Howell, C.; Shell, A.; Stocks, N.; Goode, S.; Marley, J.
2003Increasing the evidence base for selection for undergraduate medicine: four case studies investigating process and interim outcomesTurnbull, D.; Buckley, P.; Robinson, J.; Mather, G.; Leahy, C.; Marley, J.
2001Privacy considerations in the context of an Australian observational databaseDuszynski, K.; Beilby, J.; Marley, J.; Walker, D.; Pratt, N.