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2017How abnormal is binge eating? 18-Year time trends in population prevalence and burdenMitchison, D.; Touyz, S.; González-Chica, D.; Stocks, N.; Hay, P.
2011The prevalence and analysis of risk factors for age-related macular degeneration: 18-year follow-up data from the Speedwell eye study, United KingdomNgai, L.; Stocks, N.; Sparrow, J.; Patel, R.; Rumley, A.; Lowe, G.; Davey Smith, G.; Ben-Shlomo, Y.
2011Vertical integration of teaching in Australian general practice - a survey of regional training providersStocks, N.; Frank, O.; Linn, A.; Anderson, K.; Meertens, S.
2012Difficulties in disclosing the diagnosis of dementia: a qualitative study in general practicePhillips, J.; Pond, C.; Paterson, N.; Howell, C.; Shell, A.; Stocks, N.; Goode, S.; Marley, J.
2005What factors facilitate a GP survey high response rate?Fielding, J.; Clothier, H.; Stocks, N.; Kelly, H.
2002Prevalence of cataract in the Speedwell Cardiovascular Study: a cross-sectional survey of men aged 65-83Stocks, N.; Patel, R.; Sparrow, J.; Davey-Smith, G.
2002Labelling of acute respiratory illness: evidence of between-practitioner variation in the UKStocks, N.; Fahey, T.
2011A practical approach to assess depression risk and to guide risk reduction strategies in later lifeAlmeida, O.; Alfonso, H.; Pirkis, J.; Kerse, N.; Sim, M.; Flicker, L.; Snowdon, J.; Draper, B.; Byrne, G.; Goldney, R.; Lautenschlager, N.; Stocks, N.; Scazufca, M.; Huisman, M.; Araya, R.; Pfaff, J.
2012Factors associated with suicidal thoughts in a large community study of older adultsAlmeida, O.; Draper, B.; Snowdon, J.; Lautenschlager, N.; Pirkis, J.; Byrne, G.; Sim, M.; Stocks, N.; Flicker, L.; Pfaff, J.
2010Does chocolate reduce blood pressure? A meta-analysisRied, K.; Sullivan, T.; Fakler, P.; Frank, O.; Stocks, N.