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2001Acute cardiovascular effects of magnesium and their relationship to systemic and myocardial magnesium concentrations after short infusion in awake sheepZheng, D.; Upton, R.; Ludbrook, G.; Martinez, A.
2002Cerebrovascular carbon dioxide reactivity in sheep: Effect of propofol or isoflurane anaesthesiaMyburgh, J.; Upton, R.; Ludbrook, G.; Martinez, A.; Grant, C.
2005The acute disposition of (R)- and (S)-methadone in brain and lung of sheepFoster, D.; Upton, R.; Somogyi, A.; Grant, C.; Martinez, A.
2006Blood-brain equilibration kinetics of levo-alpha-acetyl-methadol using a chronically instrumented sheep preparationFoster, D.; Jensen, M.; Upton, R.; Somogyi, A.; Grant, C.; Martinez, A.
2006Blood-brain distribution of morphine-6-glucuronide in sheepVillesen, H.; Foster, D.; Upton, R.; Christrup, L.; Somogyi, A.; Martinez, A.; Grant, C.
2002Theoretical aspects of P-glycoprotein mediated drug efflux on the distribution volume of anaesthetic-related drugs in the brainUpton, R.
2004The two-compartment recirculatory pharmacokinetic model - an introduction to recirculatory pharmacokinetic conceptsUpton, R.
2004Comparison of the analgesic effects of xylazine in sheep via three different administration routesGrant, C.; Upton, R.
2001The anti-nociceptive efficacy of low dose intramuscular xylazine in lambsGrant, C.; Upton, R.
2006The effects of indomethacin on intracranial pressure and cerebral hemodynamics during isoflurane or propofol anesthesia in sheep with intracranial hypertensionRasmussen, M.; Upton, R.; Grant, C.; Martinez, A.; Cold, G.; Ludbrook, G.