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2003Measurement of fatigue following 18 msw dry chamber dives breathing air or enriched air nitroxHarris, R.; Doolette, D.; Wilkinson, D.; Williams, D.
2003Evaluation of two methods for quality improvement in intensive care: Facilitated incident monitoring and retrospective medical chart reviewBeckmann, U.; Bohringer, C.; Carless, R.; Gillies, D.; Runciman, W.; Wu, A.; Pronovost, P.
2004The two-compartment recirculatory pharmacokinetic model - an introduction to recirculatory pharmacokinetic conceptsUpton, R.
2003Losses of NG2 and NeuN immunoreactivity but not astrocytic markers during early reperfusion following severe focal cerebral ischemiaLee, D.; Helps, S.; Gibbins, I.; Nilsson, M.; Sims, N.
2003Error, blame, and the law in health care - An antipodean perspectiveRunciman, W.; Merry, A.; Tito, F.
2004Hyperbaric oxygen treatment and survival from necrotizing soft tissue infectionWilkinson, D.; Doolette, D.
2002Arylalkylamines are a novel class of positive allosteric modulators at GABAB receptors in rat neocortexKerr, D.; Ong, J.; Puspawati, N.; Prager, R.
2003Potentiation of metabotropic GABAB receptors by L-amino acids and dipeptides in rat neocortexKerr, D.; Ong, J.
2006Tackling the burden of injury in Australasia: developing a binational trauma registryDavey, T.; Pollard, C.; Aitken, L.; Fitzgerald, M.; Bellamy, N.; Cass, D.; Danne, P.; Griggs, W.; Cameron, P.; Atkinson, R.; Hamill, J.; Rao, S.; Richardson, D.; O'Connor, C.
2006Cytochrome P450 1A2 is a target antigen in hepatitic graft-versus-host diseaseMullighan, C.; Bogdanos, D.; Vergani, D.; Bardy, P.