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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Quantity and structure of surfactant proteins vary among patients with alveolar proteinosisDoyle, Ian R.; Davidson, K. G.; Barr, Heather A.; Nicholas, Terence E.; Payne, K.; Pfitzner, John
1999Gas movement in the nonventilated lung at the onset of single-lung ventilation for video-assisted thoracoscopyPfitzner, John; Peacock, Morris J.; McAleer, P. T.
1999Ambient pressure oxygen reservoir apparatus for use during one-lung anaesthesiaPfitzner, John; Peacock, Morris J.; Daniels, B. W.
1995Prevention of venous air embolism: Are humans like sheep?Pfitzner, John
2002Cardiovascular collapse caused by carbon dioxide insufflation during one-lung anaesthesia for thoracoscopic dorsal sympathectomyHarris, R. J.; Benveniste, Glen L.; Pfitzner, John
2001Speed of collapse of the non-ventilated lung during single-lung ventilation for thoracoscopic surgery: the effect of transient increases in pleural pressure on the venting of gas from the non-ventilated lungPfitzner, John; Peacock, Morris J.; Harris, R. J.
2000Lobectomy for cavitating lung abscess with haemoptysis: strategy for protecting the contralateral lung and also the non-involved lobe of the ipsilateral lungPfitzner, John; Peacock, Morris J.; Tsirgiotis, E.; Walkley, I. H.
2001Speed of collapse of the non-ventilated lung during one-lung anaesthesia: the effects of the use of nitrous oxide in sheepPfitzner, John; Peacock, Morris J.; Pfitzner, L.
1995Video assisted thorascoscopy for spontaneous haemopneumothoraxBarry, J. J.; Pfitzner, John; Peacock, Morris J.