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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999A model of the kinetics and dynamics of induction of anaesthesia in sheep: variable estimation for thiopental and comparison with propofolUpton, Richard N.; Ludbrook, Guy L.
1997A physiological model of induction of anaesthesia with propofol in sheep. 2. Model analysis and implications for dose requirementsLudbrook, Guy L.; Upton, Richard N.
1997A physiological model of induction of anaesthesia with propofol in sheep. 1. Structure and estimation of variablesUpton, Richard N.; Ludbrook, Guy L.
1996A model of the first pass passage of drugs from i.v. injection site to the heart - parameter estimates for lignocaine in sheepUpton, Richard N.
1999Kinetic aspects of drug disposition in the lungsUpton, Richard N.; Doolette, David J.
1999The effect of magnesium sulfate on cerebral blood flow velocity, cardiovascular variables, and arterial carbon dioxide tension in awake sheepLudbrook, Guy L.; James, M. F. M.; Upton, Richard N.
1997The difficult airway: propofol infusion as an alternative to gaseous inductionLudbrook, Guy L.; Hitchcock, M.; Upton, Richard N.
1999The relationship between the myocardial kinetics of Meperidine and its effect on myocardial contractility: model-independent analysis and optimal regional modelUpton, Richard N.; Huang, Yi Fei; Mather, Laurence E.; Doolette, David J.
1996Adverse haemodynamic effects of the rapid intravenous injection of hypotonic solutions in sheepHuang, Yi Fei; Upton, Richard N.; Rutten, Albert J.
1996A descriptive tool to characterize nonlinear kinetics, with applications to meperidine and lidocaineGries, J. M.; Upton, Richard N.; Huang, Yi Fei; Verotta, D.