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2011Pharmacological actions of oximino-propofol analogues at GABAB autoreceptorsParker, D.; Marino, V.; Sullivan, T.; Ong, J.; Khalafy, J.; Badali, M.; Rimaz, M.; Prager, R.
2001Metabotropic GABAB receptors: New challenges in drug designKerr, D.; Ong, J.
2001CGP 36216 is a selective antagonist at GABAB presynaptic receptors in rat brainOng, J.; Bexis, S.; Marino, V.; Parker, D.; Kerr, D.; Froestl, W.
2001A mixture of alfentanil and morphine for rapid postoperative loading with opioid: theoretical basis and initial clinical investigationLudbrook, G.; Macintyre, P.; Douglas, H.; Ong, J.; Upton, R.
1995Characterisation of GABAB ligands in vivoHumeniuk, R.; Ong, J.; Kerr, D.; White, J.
1998Differential effects of phosphonic analogues of GABA on GABAB autoreceptors in rat neocortical slicesOng, J.; Marino, V.; Parker, D.; Kerr, D.
1998The y-aminobutyric acid uptake inhibitor NO-711 potentiates 3-aminopropylphosphinic acid-induced actions in rat neocortical slicesOng, J.; Kerr, D.
1999Pharmacological re-evaluation of a GABAB receptor antagonist CGP 47332A in rat brainOng, J.; Marino, V.; Parker, D.; Kerr, D.; Froestl, W.
1998Morpholin-2-yl-phosphinic acids are potent GABAB receptor antagonists in rat brainOng, J.; Kerr, D.; Bittiger, H.; Waldmeier, P.; Baumann, P.; Cooke, N.; Mickel, S.; Froestl, W.
1998GABAB receptor antagonism by 7-MBFG, a benzo[b]furan analogue of baclofen, in central and peripheral tissuesOng, J.; Kerr, D.; Ansar, M.; Vaccher, C.; Berthelot, P.