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1995Comparative disposition of morphine-3-glucuronide during separate intravenous infusions of morphine and morphine-3-glucuronide in sheep: Importance of the kidneyMilne, R.; McLean, C.; Mather, L.; Nation, R.; Runciman, W.; Rutten, A.; Somogyi, A.
1995The quality in Australian health care studyWilson, R.; Runciman, W.; Gibberd, R.; Harrison, B.; Newby, L.; Hamilton, J.
1998A classification for incidents and accidents in the health-care systemRunciman, W.; Helps, S.; Sexton, E.; Malpass, A.
1996The Australian Incident Monitoring Study in intensive care: AIMS-ICU. An analysis of the first year of reporting.Beckmann, U.; Baldwin, I.; Hart, G.; Runciman, W.
1996The Australian Incident Monitoring Study in Intensive Care: AIMS-ICU. The development and evaluation of an incident reporting system in intensive careBeckmann, U.; West, L.; Groombridge, G.; Baldwin, I.; Hart, G.; Clayton, D.; Webb, R.; Runciman, W.
1996The role of incident reporting in continuous quality improvement in the intensive care settingBeckmann, U.; Runciman, W.
1995Complete retrograde dysmnesiaRunciman, W.
1996The effect of carbon monoxide on oxygen metabolism in the brains of awake sheepLangston, P.; Gorman, D.; Runciman, W.; Upton, R.
1997Morphine blood concentrations in elderly postoperative patients following administration via an indwelling subcutaneous cannulaSemple, T.; Upton, R.; Macintyre, P.; Runciman, W.; Mather, L.
1997Inotropic drugsMyburgh, J.; Runciman, W.